Discover the Inarguable SINGLE Most IMPORTANT Skill to
Transform Your Practice and Achieve More Impact,
Influence and Income in 2015

Do You Want the EZ, 3 Payment Option?
Do You Want To Bring Any Guests?

From: Nitin Chhoda,

Dear Colleague,

I’d like to help 30 private practice owners grow their practice, like I have done for hundreds of practices across the country in a 3 day event in May in New Jersey.

I know it’s hard to grow your practice, given the challenges that surround us.

Healthcare in the United States is undergoing the biggest change ever since the inception of the Medicare program in 1933.

If you are like me, you are doing your best to stay current, attend webinars and seminars as you find time, so you can keep your clinical and business skills as current as possible in a rapidly changing environment.

You do your best, even though it’s not easy. You feel it’s your mission, your calling to help your patients. And if my journey is similar to yours, I am no stranger to struggle.

Maybe you are a new practice owner, having just started your practice. Maybe you’ve been around a few years, and have some staff. Maybe you have multiple clinics.

I can help you, and here’s why. Not only am I a licensed physical therapist (in fact my wife is a licensed physical therapist as well), I am the founder of the Private Practice Summit, now in its sixth year. In fact, I have created technology like the Therapy Newsletter, Clinical Contact and In Touch EMR.

But this isn’t about me. But this isn’t about me. It’s about you. First, let me tell you what this is NOT about.

Ever since I started as the first ‘advisor’ to physical therapists back in 2007, many so-called advisors and consultants (many of whom have attended my events, worked for me and tried to copy my methodology) have now flooded the market with ‘me too’ strategies to grow a practice. Despite the hype, I can tell you one thing.

I don’t think your number one job is to market your practice. I think your number one job is to create the right systems and plug the right people into the right roles. This is the INARGUABLE skill to grow your private practice, and it’s exactly what I plan on teaching you in May 2015.

But if it were that simple, EVERYONE would be successful in private practice, right?

What separates those who fail (and copy others) versus those who can set themselves up in a big way and GET PAID for it?

What’s the #1 Difference between Practice Owners Struggling to Make Ends Meet and the Wealthiest Practices in the Country?

It’s not marketing.

It’s not websites and brochures.

It’s not clinical expertise and neither is it endless documentation.

It’s mastery of SYSTEMS and PEOPLE. This is inarguably the SINGLE most important skill to grow your practice and achieve more impact, influence and income in 2015.

In addition, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how good your EMR is and how much you spend on marketing, what matters is that your marketing should product a positive return on investment.


In fact, I have been able to help my clients achieve a positive ROI ranging from 220% to as high as 533% and here is the proof (this is an actual screenshot from one of my clients marketing campaigns). Look at the 30 day ROI factor column all the way to the right. That represents the return on investment in less than 30 days for that campaign.

You will notice that the ‘we want you back campaign’ resulted in whopping $5.33 in income for every $1 spent inside 30 days.

I will teach you how to do all this and MORE at the 2015 Summit.

Here Is Why The SIXTH Annual Private Practice Summit Will
Be The MOST Important One Yet…

The reason is simple – as an attendee, you will discover how to set up the right SYSTEMS with the right PEOPLE and implement POSITIVE ROI marketing campaigns by Sunday afternoon, May 17th.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing; what matters is your ability to create, lead and track your progress.

And the best way for you to do this is to learn how to IDENTIFY and COMMUNICATE your strengths to your staff and everyone around you. We live in a new age, an age in which you MUST communicate with patients, physicians and the community with power, conviction, clarity, and authenticity.

Once you master this skill, the motivation of your staff, the efficiency of your systems and the results of your marketing campaigns will GO THROUGH THE ROOF.

This is the hallmark of successful practices, the things that make you (and your practice) legendary, iconic, and transformational.

The Ability of the Practice Owner to LEAD with Authenticity
and Persuasion and MARKET with Strategy and Precision

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT, CSCS is a licensed physical therapist in NJ, NY and a published author of “Marketing For Physical Therapy Clinics”, “Physical Therapy Marketing For The New Economy” and “Total Activation: The New 5 Step Fitness Mantra” (all featured on Nitin has written hundreds of articles on physical therapy marketing for IMPACT, ADVANCE and PT Magazine, and is on the editorial board of IMPACT and PERSPECTIVES magazine (both APTA publications).

He is the founder of the Referral Ignition training systems, the Private Practice Summit, the Private Practice Retreat and the Private Practice Mastermind group. He has presented at the Private Practice Section Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association, in addition to his talks at various conventions in the US, Canada and Asia. He is also the creator of In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller Pro, an integrated web-based EMR and billing software system, the Therapy Newsletter automated newsletter marketing system and Clinical Contact, a web-based mobile, email and voice broadcasting system with built-in appointment reminders. These tools are being used by thousands of physical therapists and rehab professionals in seven countries around the world to document patients, get paid, increase referrals, simplify and automate systems and increase revenue.

His private practice mastermind clients are known as the TOP earners in private practice, since Nitin has found his true calling in life – coaching, consulting and helping physical therapists to get more patients, increase revenue and achieve freedom and personal satisfaction as private practice owners.

So whether you’re looking to make your first $100,000.00 or you’re ready to take your private practice to a multi-million dollar level, the 2015 Private Practice Summit is THE place to discover the proven, cutting-edge practice-building systems and strategies that will help you achieve your goals faster than you ever imagined possible.

This is the ONLY event of its kind and Nitin holds nothing back. It will be SOLD OUT. So we urge you to read this entire letter right NOW and reserve your seat TODAY before it’s too late.

The fact is, communication is critical to our success as private practice owners.

After all, you went to PT school to become a licensed, highly skilled physical therapist and to serve the community, not to become a ‘persuasion expert’.

If only it were that simple…

We live in a bold new age, one in which a private practice owner has to be far more strategic than ever before.

In fact, there has NEVER been a more important time to grow, solidify, strengthen, and perhaps even re-invent your physical therapy private practice than the present if you want to stay ahead of the changing economy and the growing competition.

The fact is – reimbursements continue to decline every day, mergers and acquisitions of physical therapy clinics (by hospitals and physicians) are dangerously commonplace and recruiting is becoming an art form, making it harder and harder for you to find good staff to help you grow your practice. If you see Medicare patients, there are additional challenges. PQRS, functional limitation G codes and manual medical review are just the tip of the iceberg.

To add to that, it’s not easy to streamline referral generation; which makes it even harder for you to achieve the financial freedom and independence that drove you to start your practice in the first place.

But there is a solution, the same one used by hundreds of physical therapy private practice owners and rehab professionals in seven countries around the world who use our software products, books, audio and video programs and attend our live workshops across the United States.

I’m going to reveal it at the 2015 Summit to a select group of 30 primary attendees.

It’s a strategic marketing plan to increase referrals from prospects, patients, physicians and the community to create an unlimited number of referrals for your practice. Combine this with an effective hiring strategy and you now have all the components to engineer a thriving private practice.

The formula is simple:

More Patients + Quality Staff = Freedom (financial and personal) for YOU.

On May 15th, 16th and 17th in Rutherford, NJ, I will teach you how to implement the Referral Ignition program. I will pull back the curtains and reveal EVERYTHING you need to know to grow your practice in this life-altering three day weekend. There’s more – I’ll prove to you how this training has the potential to add well over $100,000 a year to your income later in this message.

In fact, ask yourself this question

So What Secret do these Millionaire Practice Owners Have Over YOU?

Imagine this for a moment.

What if you put systems (and people) in place to engineer a streamlined private practice while your competitors continued down the same, beaten path?

What if these systems (and people) afforded you an abundance of patients and freedom to FINALLY live life on your own terms?

What if you could converge the patient’s desire for your services and the physician’s need to refer with YOU at the center of the opportunity?

What if you could identify a vacuum in the ‘referral space’ between you and a physician and leverage local media to get instant results with your marketing?

What if you could re-invent, grow, expand and multiply your practice in the next 12 months?

What if I offered to help you in achieving all this and MORE, what if I personally delivered you the blueprint to grow your practice in the rest of 2015?

Let me share what happened in my life when I figured this all out.

I went from a 4 year old immigrant from India with a huge dream and a huge heart but BROKE and struggling to being the #1 expert in my field.

I went from a job where I earned $780 a paycheck to running a seven figure business with staff members all over the globe within just a few years.

I’ve completely supported my family for life, I’ve built a great business and brand (with a tiny team of people), and I’ve given more back to my community and the world than I ever thought would be possible.

I’ve been blessed to write books on marketing, health and wellness, systems and automation for private practice and articles in leading publications. I’ve been able to create software and systems to help practices succeed and events to drive your practice to the next level. You’ve seen me out there doing my seminars over the past six years, and thousands of practice owners from around the globe have attended my speeches and seminars.

Combined, my videos, calls, interviews, books, newsletters, products, and appearances now inspire thousands of practices every month and a subset of those practice owners work with us on an ongoing basis every month through one of our software or coaching services.


Best of all, my students have started dwarfing me. Practice owners who have worked with me have increased revenue, implemented better systems and hired staff and taken themselves to the next level.

YOU can join them, but ONLY if you are prepared to evolve, and learn from the best.

IN FACT, I want you to RESOLVE to make TODAY the DAY you lead in a way that triggers  revolutions in your team, inspires the community, and makes YOUR PATIENTS STAND IN LINE at your clinic.

If you can’t do that, and if you can’t do that THIS YEAR, then you’re heading into more years of frustration and disappointment.

The fact is, you are on a mission like I am.

So stop thinking about some marketing gimmicks that will get you new patients tomorrow.

In our 30 man mission at the 2015 Private Practice Summit, it’s YOU we have to work on. After all, a great man once said this:

We have to make you the NUMBER ONE PRIVATE PRACTICE in your community.

So what’s the takeaway here? ONE THING:

You don’t want to repeat the same mistakes made by most private practice owners.

They copy tactics from their competitors, they do what’s already failed and try to make it work. They add to the ‘clutter’ and come across as ‘just another physical therapy practice’ in a community crowded with other practices.

Here’s the big one – They think they are too smart for everyone else and they don’t need to learn marketing. This is unfortunate, because the only thing worse than NO belief is the WRONG belief.

At the other side of the spectrum is the private practice owner ready to learn from the experts. The same experts who have multiplied and systemized clinics, increased revenue year after year despite the biggest recession and toughest economy in five decades.

Because you are reading this, I know which side you are on.

That’s why I have put together the BIGGEST practice building event in the past six years I have been hosting the Private Practice Summit.

This year is set to be the BIGGEST and most jam packed Private Practice Summit ever with all-NEW income boosting presentations from me, Nitin Chhoda, and a carefully selected team of “under the radar” private practice owners – all of whom are “in-the-trenches” everyday, actively building and growing their private practices and earning multiple six and even seven figures per year.

But before I reveal EXACTLY what’s included in the summit, I want you to know that time is already running out. You want to invest in yourself right away because if you wait too long, you’ll be left out in the cold since seats are limited.

When you REGISTER TODAY, you will discover the inside skills, strategies and techniques to:

  • LEAD by example so you can influence and persuade your staff
  • Get the community to recognize you as the premier provider of rehabilitation and wellness services in your community
  • Convince your patients and local physicians to send you referrals…regularly
  • Implement on-going marketing campaigns that ACTUALLY work without breaking the bank
  • Identify, hire, retain and motivate staff to build your dream for you… giving you the independence to do what you want (treat, manage, take a day off in the middle of the week and spend time with the kids with the new-found freedom)

Do You Want the EZ, 3 Payment Option?
Do You Want To Bring Any Guests?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But first, even if you already have a successful private practice, let me issue this WARNING …

Everything That Worked SIX Months Ago No Longer Works Now.
I Will Teach You What’s Working Now.. Are You IN or Are You OUT?


Considering the fractured state of the economy and the ongoing threat of reimbursement cuts from Medicare, this is NOT the time for any private practice owner to be sit back and ‘wait and see what’s going to happen’.

At this 2015 Summit, I will teach you how to TAKE CHARGE of your practice and speak in a POWERFUL, AUTHENTIC yet STRATEGIC manner to lead your staff, increase referrals and build a better future.

Are you going to master your practice THIS YEAR, RIGHT NOW, or wait and hope some new marketing strategy or technique finally transforms your life?

THIS is the path to mastery in private practice: LEADING WITH CONVICTION. If you want me to train you personally, secure your seat now.

We’re going to TRAIN 30 people LIVE in Rutherford, NJ on how to become the #1 private practice in your community.

Are you in or are you out?

This one-of-a-kind three-day meeting of the top minds in private practice will be a game-changer because the individuals who share their cutting-edge strategies and tactics are the ‘real deal’, not the same old speakers you have heard before. I’ll introduce them shortly. But first…

Let me be clear about what the 2015 Summit is NOT.

This is NOT your ordinary run-of-the-mill practice building seminar.

This is NOT about becoming a better clinician.

This is NOT a passive workshop where you sit back and take notes. We’ll get active. You’ll stand, you’ll cheer, you’ll pump your fist in the air as you discover ground breaking information. You’ll have FUN.

You Will Learn How to LEAD. You Will Walk Away With BETTER SYSTEMS and Ways to HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

These are the things that matter.

There is too much WRONG information around us and it’s hard to know who to believe and what to follow as a private practice owner.

Here’s an example – why waste time building fancy websites and having a ‘social media’ presence when you don’t have simple systems in place to maximize referrals from existing patients using scripts like “We are never too busy for your referrals?”.

What you need is the right information, the right game plan, done-for-you blueprint and real-world examples that are working in today’s tough economy.

For the past few years, I have coached and mentored groups of success-minded physical therapists like yourself on ways to explode their practice by revealing my most advanced marketing techniques to attract new patients, hire staff, manage money, identify priorities and build a waiting list of patients eager to get in. The testimonials on this page will give you a sense of the success stories I’ve created along the way.

Now, I am going to do what I do best.

Kick things up a notch. Again.

I have put together the most value-packed, no-nonsense workshop ever for entrepreneurial private practice owners like yourself.

Truth be told, up until now I’ve only shared my best kept secrets with my top paying private practice mastermind clients who have paid as much as $30,000 to gain access to me. You’ll learn all the inside strategies to grow your practice, the kind of ‘top secret’ things you’ll never hear at traditional workshops.

For example, you won’t hear “Market to physicians once a week to get referrals”. You’ll hear “Use THIS script and have your marketing person call the physician’s front desk at this time of day on day one, follow up with THIS letter mailed to the physician’s office on day five, drop in on day eight and get a confirmation for the personal interview with the physician on day ten. Automate all of these processes using THIS technology to mail letters, initiate phone calls and track everything precisely THIS way to measure return on investment. Rinse and repeat with all the physicians in your community.”

Many attendees have reported that a SINGLE strategy from the first session has helped them recoup their investment in the entire event. The testimonials on this page will help you decide what’s best.

Introducing The Speaker Line-Up for the Most IMPORTANT Private Practice Summit Ever…

Here’s one comment from a Summit attendee that I will never forget.

“How Nitin managed to organize such a high-end program at such an affordable price is a mystery. By the end of the program, I had so many methods, great ideas, new business opportunities and friends it felt like I had taken advantage of Nitin.”

For over 7 years, I have been serving the physical therapy community providing events, products and books as well as running the #1 physical therapy marketing blog on the internet and Linkedin group for physical therapists, helping over 12,457 physical therapists and private practice owners live out their dreams and grow their practice each week.

Today I privately consult with practice owners and charge between $1,500-3,000 per hour of consulting. What I provide in one hour can literally take a practice off life support and help spring board it to success, I have done this many times and continue to do so. I am also the creator of technologies like Therapy Newsletter, Clinical Contact and the Referral Ignition training systems to help physical therapy private practice owners break free from the chains of being a ‘glorified employee’ in their own practice, allowing them to embrace and enjoy the ‘ownership lifestyle’.

Some consider me a true innovator and private practice management coach who combines a strong passion for marketing and extensive personal experience as a physical therapist in private practice to fuel the transformation of a private practice. I’ll tell you one thing about me – I will always have your best interests at heart, and will hold nothing back. I’ll personally make sure you are a happy attendee at the 2015 Summit, because I’m happy when you are happy.

Todd S. Robbins has owned and operated Robbins Rehabilitation for 12 years in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with his twin brother Travis. He is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science through the Gary Gray institute and emphasizes con-ed with his staff. Todd has a passion for private practice orthopedics and advancing the profession as a whole. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer for the practice that currently has four locations in two states. Todd focuses providing a superior product: The Patient Experience. As a result, his practice has won the Morning Call’s Reader’s Choice award for Best Physical Therapist two years running. Todd considers staff to be the biggest asset of Robbins PT. A powerful team of like minded front desk, clinical and billing professionals have made Robbins PT the go-to place for physical therapy in the Lehigh Valley community.

Todd lives in Bethlehem PA with his wife and two young sons Pryce and Carter. He loves spending as much time as he can with his boys, balancing work and home life. He enjoys being outdoors mountain biking, snowboarding, golfing and competing in Tough Mudder obstacle races.

Robbins PT has won the Morning Call’s Reader’s Choice award for Best Physical Therapist three years running. Staff is their biggest asset, and Robbins PT has been able to create a powerful team of like minded front desk, clinical and billing professionals to make it the go-to place for physical therapy in the Lehigh Valley community.

An accomplished physical therapist and business owner with experience in sports medicine, orthopedics and manual therapy, David Cunic has worked with people in all walks of life as well as professional and Olympic sports teams. David’s unique strength is his ability to relate to his patients; the result of undergoing physical therapy himself for several years.

Within three years of launching his own practice, DMC Athletics and Rehabilitation, David opened three facilities that resulted in six expansions. His operations have been voted the #1 physical therapy and fitness facilities eight years in a row. DMC Rehab was sold to another PT practice for an undisclosed sum in 2013. During this time, David also opened several other companies in the health and wellness field, which has resulted in selling two of them in 2014. The extensive knowledge and insight that came from building and eventually selling a private practice has afforded David the opportunity to do what he does best – be an entrepreneur.

In 2010, based on his strong belief in the “true medical team” approach to wellness that incorporates all facets of health, fitness and medical science – including pet therapy – David took his work to the next level by establishing PAZOO, Inc. (OTB: PZOO) ( groundbreaking initiative acknowledged the importance of a healthy and happy pet to our own health and happiness, and vice versa. His vision was for a health and wellness website that addresses the needs of both people and animals.

Ian Silver works closely with practices across the country and advises practices about areas of improvement in the before (front desk), during (documentation and patient experience workflow) and after (billing) aspects of practice.

Ian has been a Strategic Business Coach for Referral Ignition for several years. He has been helping private practices strengthen their revenue streams and broaden their marketing reach. His belief is "Everything can be improved with better systems, and the right people in the right position. In fact, every single interaction you have with the patient, from the moment they call you to the moment they receive a statement in the mail, is an opportunity for your practice to improve. This helps your practice establish expert status, and increase referrals from existing patients".

With a background as director of web and social media marketing campaigns for several small businesses (as well as non-profits along the east coast United States), Ian has used his considerable skills in marketing, customer support and human relations to help private practice owners. His passion is helping healthcare professionals like you, who make it their life’s work to help others.

Whether he is spending time at home as a husband and father, giving back to his community, or staying attune to the ever-changing cyber liability market, Justin knows everything there is to know about cyber liability for private practice owners. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, he played soccer for & graduated from The Ohio State University. Upon graduation, he left Columbus for Dallas to pursue a career in the technology industry. Since 2004, Justin has been managing cyber risks for over 800 clients across various industries.

Private practice owners are highly vulnerable targets for cyber-attacks. With significant amounts of confidential patient data being stored and managed electronically, a private practice’s network server has become a virtual gateway for hackers. And while hackers are responsible for the greatest number of cyber claims, they are not the only cause of loss that can get your private practice in trouble. More and more practices are responding to claims due to staff mistakes, actions by a rogue employee, the theft of hardware, or a lost laptop or device. Breach related expenses such as client notification, credit monitoring, regulatory defense and penalties, forensics, reputation protection, and the payment of any settlements can result in significant out-of-pocket expenses. According to the 2014 NetDiligence Cyber Claims study, Healthcare was the sector most frequently breached (almost 25% of all breaches) and the average claim payout was $733,109. Not only that, did you know that your practice could be subject to a copyright infringement lawsuit if you use an image / text downloaded from the internet? These lawsuits could cost you tens, potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation fees. Discover how to mitigate risk from a HIPAA, data breach and data loss standpoint. In this presentation, you will learn how to become your own ‘personal risk manager’ and identify, strengthen, and manage your security exposures. You will also get all your data security, data privacy, and cyber liability exposures questions answered.

Jeremy is a distinguished physical therapist, a passionate educator and an avid exerciser. He has extensive rehabilitation experience in sports physical therapy, dance medicine, and the treatment of chronic pain. Jeremy has mended the bodies of professional athletes, traveled the country as a physical therapist for Broadway shows and even toured the globe with a famous rock n’ roll band.

Jeremy has studied with master clinicians from various fields to develop his own, unique brand of treatment called Rekinetics™.  As a Rekinetics™ practitioner and educator, Jeremy has forged his own path as a pioneer of a new treatment methodology. The Rekinetics™ system blends leading-edge concepts from physical medicine, neuroscience, physical rehabilitation and athletic development.   It has allowed him to stand out in a very competitive environment (NYC) and build a niche practice on his own terms.

Jeremy’s treatment approach is focused solely on changing the architecture of the brain to promote optimal, pain-free function.  Too often as clinicians we get bogged down treating the site of pain (“the hardware”), rather than “software” in the brain that is actually generating most of pain.  If you fail to address the body’s “software” you may be skipping the absolute first step to a speedy and full recovery from pain or injury.  Every facet of the Rekinetics™ system is an extension of this powerful philosophy.

Every Speaker Will Overdeliver with Tactics on Marketing, Hiring and Automation For Your Private Practice…

And speaking of delivering… I want to share with you the three key things that separate the super successful private practice owners from those who are struggling day-to-day to make ends meet:

no1Simple Secret #1: The BIGGEST surge in your practice will happen when you start to work ‘on’ it and become a pioneer of innovation and marketing, and not when you are ‘in’ it being a clinician and documentation expert. You’ve got to see the forest and not the trees if you want to thrive in the jungle.

no2Simple Secret #2: Successful practice owners hire the right people, invest in the right systems and grow their practices with deliberate, planned effort over a period of time. Nothing is left to chance. The result is consistent, predictable, and reliable income…week after week, month after month, year after year. Their counterparts fly by the seat of their pants. They act randomly…and as a result they produce income randomly. They complain, struggle, falter, and often fail.

no3Simple Secret #3: This is the big one. Successful practice owners learn, model and quickly implement things that are already working. They don’t reinvent the wheel. They don’t try to ‘figure it out’. You want to model the thoughts, actions, and behavior of successful individuals and implement quickly. In business, time is money.

Here’s the good news – you’ve got a weekend full of successful role models to follow at the 2015 Private Practice Summit – and they are willing to share EVERYTHING they know about building a successful practice!

I know this from personal experience and I put my money where my mouth is. I personally invest over $50,000.00 each year out of my pocket to network and mastermind with the brightest marketing minds on the planet…and not just in physical therapy private practice. Some of the biggest breakthroughs come when I discover a marketing or business strategy that’s working in another industry and figure out how to apply it to physical therapy private practice. And I’ll be sharing my best moneymaking and business-building information with you at the 2015 Private Practice Summit.

Here’s What To Expect

Session One: The SECRET To Unlimited Referrals In The Obamacare Economy
“Growing a practice involves marketing and analytics to identify your best referral sources. In this session, you will discover tips and strategies to diversity referral sources using campaigns to prospects, patients, physicians and the community.”
  • Transformation from Patient to Human Billboard – How to ethically “transform” your patients into referral sources with strategic marketing campaigns so that they refer consistently.
  • Igniting Overnight Expert Status – How to position yourself as the expert to trigger referrals from physicians without breaking the bank.
  • Get Past Gatekeepers Methodology – How to overcome “the brick wall” at physicians offices and get past gatekeepers by following THREE simple steps.
  • Hypnotic Word of Mouth Terminology – The new way to create word of mouth publicity that’s going to absolutely SURPRISE you with its simplicity (it’s something that was right under your nose all along).
Session Two: 25 Patient Marketing Strategies That Cost NOTHING
“The more patients you convert to referral sources, the more busy your practice will be. Learn how to leverage the low hanging fruit in your practice and ignite a wave of patient referrals”
  • Your Internal Syndicate – How to create strategic alliances (with the right people and businesses) that automatically bring new patients to your door.
  • Cracking The Code on Snail Mail – What to write (and not to write) in a regular mail postcard campaign that gives you positive ROI from the first mailing – no testing, tweaking, or time wasting (Imagine what this can do for your practice).
  • The Local Celebrity Tactic – How to become an instant local celebrity in your community.
  • Operation Get Patients – How to increase patient referrals with email, sms and telephone marketing.
Session Three: What Physicians Want.. And How To Give It To Them
“Can’t get physicians to refer? Tired of hospital monopolies? This session will turn the status quo upside down by revealing EXACTLY how to control the conversation with physicians.”

  • The physician power formula – Feeding psychological desires– Recognize and feed the fundamental triggers of fame, power, recognition and status with physicians, and completely transform the way you position yourself as a provider. If you are struggling to get physician referrals, this segment is critical for you.
  • How to make them want to refer – With a specific communication sequence, you can make physicians want to refer to your practice. You’ll discover how to craft an irresistible message LIVE in the seminar that’s customized for your practice. You’ll be able to implement it with a specific MODE of communication and more importantly, you’ll get the IMPACT you’ve always wanted.
  • How to identify potential referral sources – Unknown to you, there are several physicians in your community who could be referring to you, but aren’t doing so yet. You’ll learn how to reach them, why they aren’t referring, and how to overcome the objection to get them to start referring.
  • A done-for-you physician contact blueprint for your marketing person. – There’s no getting around it. The more facetime your practice (or someone representing your practice) has with a physician’s office, the better. There’s a caveat though. If you have a marketing person who’s flying by the seat of their pants, your results will be inconsistent at best. With a specific, proven plan, you can have a marketing person initiate contact, maintain relevant contact, nurture relationships and trigger referrals from physicians who’ve been dormant for years.
Session Four: The HIDDEN Truth Behind Search Engine Optimization… And Why Your Website Doesn’t Rank on Google
“March 2015 Update – The precise impact of Google’s recent updates on the search engine rankings of your practice, and why you should IMMEDIATELY get rid of any SEO services you have”
  • How to rank on the first page of Google For Your main keywords like “physical therapy (your town name)
  • How to do this in-house with 30 minutes a day from your front desk staff
  • Why you should STOP paying a SEO company to do this for you
  • How to achieve all the rankings you want in Google Local for a fraction of the cost of what you’d expect to pay (and this does not involve pay per click or any form of paid advertising)
  • How to use strategically timed press releases to convince Google to give you more top page rankings and recognition.
Session Five: Wicked Smart – Unbelievable Audience Insights

This is an interactive session where you, and other members of the audience get a chance to participate. Share the latest and most effective strategies you use to build your private practice and contribute to the collective insight of the event. You will be guaranteed one or more ‘A-HA’ moments.

Here’s how this came about. My mastermind clients and I get together three times a year to share what’s working, and we decided it would be beneficial for event attendees to get the same benefit from other savvy private practice owners in the audience (like you). That’s where the idea of the Wicked Smart was born.

This pioneering concept allows you to tap into the collective insight of the audience and learn what’s working now in our community to get more patients, recruit staff, manage staff, leverage technology and transform your financial future. This is one of the BIG highlights of the Private Practice Summit and is not to be missed under any circumstances!

All attendees are invited to participate and the winner receives a special prize!

Session Six: Simple Numbers, Big Results – The FIVE Simple Metrics That Can Skyrocket Your Profits

“Whatever you track and measure, you can grow. Learn how to manage your practice, monitor your metrics and grow it.”
  • The ascension plan for your practice – sustainability and transferability – As a private practice owner you want to set up your practice to run on its own over time. It needs to be a sustainable system that functions independent of your physical presence. Your practice must deliver consistent, quality care to your patients. If a practice has a plug and play system to market, treat, follow up, and bill, your potential clients value this quality immensely. As a practice owner you must sustain the value of your asset by building relationships that guarantee sustainability and transferability. This can only happen when your business is not dependent upon you. You need to implement strategies, over time, to separate yourself from the business. If you want to build a practice with the intention to sell it for the right price at the right time, then this segment is crucial for you.
  • How to create a vision for your practice– If you don’t have a roadmap for the future of your practice, this is one segment you don’t want to miss. Discover why conventional business plans backfire in MOST cases. Discover how to TURBO-CHARGE the speed at which you grow your practice and create a vision to set this plan in motion.
  • Improving cash flow and boosting value – Paying attention to detail around your practice’s cash flow is essential. Discover how to improve your cash flow, measure your cash flow, and plan your cash flow on a weekly basis.
  • How to evaluate key success & success metrics – This is crucial. Every private practice owner should understand their unique revenue drivers, along with how to measure and improve them. Identify specific drivers of your practice and how to set up basic measurement tools and metrics to ensure you are on the right path and if you’re not, what to do about it.
  • The step-by-step guide to creating infrastructure and setting goals– Establish the optimal foundation to achieve EXPLOSIVE growth in your practice. Maintain the fine line between investments in infrastructure and cost cutting measures that throttle growth in your practice.

Session Seven: Why The Traditional Hiring / Interviewing Process Is FLAWED.. And How To Get The Best Talent

  • Elimination method – How to avoid wasting your time interviewing candidates that are not the right fit for your practice
  • Boomerang positioning – How to set up ‘staff attraction ads’ that reflect the personality of your practice and help you hire the best candidates
  • Auto-pilot hiring - Discover the exact way to have Google help you hire your next great staff member without you having to lift a finger
  • Staff efficiency – Learn the exact strategies that your practice must have to ensure your staff is operating efficiently from top to bottom
  • Productivity meter technology - How to establish guidelines and protocols to easily gauge the productivity of your clinical and non-clinical staff

Session Eight: The Best of Wicked Smart

Yes, it’s that popular, that we have another session of Wicked Smart before we announce the winner.

The ideas come like a flood, and this gives every person an opportunity to enter to win the prize. This year, we are going to add our own unique twist to wicked smart (you have to be there to see it – it’s a lot of fun, extremely entertaining and most importantly – a TON of practice building insight) that’s going to be beneficial for your practice.

You are going to love WICKED SMART.

Session Nine: TEN Ways To Use Automated Technology To Get More Patients, Increase Revenue and Increase Patient Satisfaction

  • Discover how the use of automated email newsletters can help drive your credibility and build the reputation of your practice
  • How to cut costs and overhead by using automated appointment reminders (SMS, voice, email)
  • Learn how to effectively reach your prospects and patients 97% of the time using ‘multi-mode’ contact technology
  • Combining automated voice broadcasts and greeting cards to build a ‘follow up’ staff (without the costs)

  • Billing automation using revenue cycle management systems inherent in most reputable clearing houses (yes, something as complex as billing can indeed by automated to a large extent – this revelation will leave you speechless)
  • Learn how to replace one or more full time staff members using the techniques in this training
  • Firing Yourself: How to incorporate a simple strategy that will help you build your practice without you having to actually work more on it
  • Power Partner: Discovering when and if you should bring on a partner and what are the things to look for when considering this option
  • Explosive Time Management: How to the top people in our industry manage their day to day schedules to get more done in less time
  • Building To Sell: Everything you need to know if you’ve considered or ever want to sell your practice (this is practical information you need to know, doing this wrong will make you miss out on your opportunity to sell)

Session Ten: Oceans of Money – Programming Your Attitude, Action and Outcome to Influence Your Financial Destiny

  • Most private practices are losing more money on a daily basis than they are willing to admit. All of this is about to change.
  • You’ll learn how to safely, and legally keep more of the money you make
  • You’ll recover tens, possibly thousands of dollars of money that was lost through improper structuring and planning
  • Discover concepts that will help you achieve lasting wealth
  • Top ‘money management tips’ to help you increase cash flow
Session Eleven: Round Table QA with Nitin Chhoda
  • Come on the ‘hot seat’ and ask me any question you want about your practice
  • Tap into my collective insight and resources to gain more patients, hire staff, manage systems and grow your practice
  • It’s like you have your own personal success coach to help you grow your practice
  • I rarely do this, and it’s an opportunity for you to get your most pressing questions answered on the spot
  • A single insight could pay for your investment in the entire program.
Session Twelve: Private Practice Owner of the Year Award
  • The audience collectively votes for one lucky attendee who’ll walk away with the award.
  • Coveted award to gain recognition and status in crystal glass casing
  • Includes professional editorial press release creation and premium distribution through PR Web press release services.
  • A way for our community to recognize and reward the achievers among us


Do You Want the EZ, 3 Payment Option?
Do You Want To Bring Any Guests?

The Secret Sauce – The Right PEOPLE Using the Right SYSTEMS

The 2015 Summit will be a three day INTENSIVE practice building seminar where you will discover my most successful patient landing, referral generating, competition dominating GEMS that I’ve only previously shared with my private mastermind members.

This will not be a ‘generic’ seminar or a conference.

Sitting back and taking notes only, simply won’t cut it.

This will be an intensive knowledge transfer workshop.

You’re going to strategize and you must be willing to participate.

And you’ll discover more in-depth referral generation strategies in this weekend than most physical therapists and private practice owners do in a lifetime of working in our community.

For example, you’ll discover the complete patient ascension formula. Here’s a sneak peek.

I’ll also teach you how to maximize the before, during and after patient experience using a combination of people, systems and technology. This 30 minute presentation alone will pay for your investment in this program ten times over.

Finally, you’ll learn how to maximize every single stage of the patient encounter and maximize the lifetime value of the patient. This has a compounding effect on the revenue in your private practice.

Do You Want the EZ, 3 Payment Option?
Do You Want To Bring Any Guests?

Here’s What Others Have Said …


“A major plus in favor of Referral Ignition vs. certain competitors is the promptness of your replies, and the level of detail. Working with you is the best thing I ever did in my practice. This program has been game changing, and has helped me turn my practice around and save tens of thousands of dollars.”
Dean Tahtinen PT
“From near bankruptcy to a $2.2 million practice in less than six months. Nitin, you are a genius and have helped our practice come back from the brink, and things have never been better. Keep up the great work!”
William Linnenkohl PT
“Nitin, I thank God for people like you for sharing unselfishly of your knowledge! I am just fortunate enough to attend this weekend’s brain stimulating event! It was my pleasure and honor to meet you… Thank you very much!”
Ma Alicia Sidletskyy PT
“I’m coming away this weekend with a lot of tools that I can immediately implement when we get back to our clinic, and a lot of areas that we need to focus on and work on. This has been a wonderful asset to us this weekend.”
Carrie Jorgensen PT
“Thanks a million. You gave me a lot of insight and opened my eyes to many ideas I’m planning to implement it on my practice right away.”
Mohamed Sanad PT

“Exceptional value and money truly well spent. Thanks so much Nitin- YOU EXCEEDED my expectations!!!”
Dmitry Lang PT

“Nitin and his fellow speakers gave me a great insight in new marketing strategies both on-line and offline. I learned tons of interesting business building ideas that can be instantly implemented. Every speaker was awesome and had some unique knowledge to share. Thanks Nitin for giving me such an enriching learning experience. Keep up the good work.”
Mangesh Borkar PT
“I just want to say that it has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to any clinician that owns their own practice. I have taken away so many tools that I’ll be able to use in my clinic.”
Rhonda Russ PT

A SINGLE ‘Rainmaker Week’ each Month Can Increase Annual Revenue by $151,200. Here’s How…

Picture yourself checking your office voicemail on Monday morning. What if you had ten messages from prospective patients – all asking for more information about your physical therapy services and trying to get an appointment.

Now imagine that you also got five emails from prospective patients, and this happened every day that week. …all thanks to the insight you gained from the 2015 Summit.

Let me take it a step further for you…just imagine if only half of these 30 prospects scheduled an initial evaluation at your clinic that week.

And let’s imagine that only half of these prospects became patients. Let’s assume that the average patient completes 12 visits, and your average reimbursement is $70 a visit.

This means that your average patient value is $840 (in fact, the lifetime patient value is far greater – it is $2520. This is something we will discuss when you attend the summit. I will also also teach you how to maximize it.

So if you had 15 new patients that week, that’s an average increase of $12,600 in your income for THAT WEEK alone. I call this the ‘rainmaker week’.

Let’s imagine that this ‘rainmaker week’ happens once a month, not once a week. If you earned an additional $12,600 a month, this is a projected increase of $151,200 in annual revenue.


What would this be worth to you?

“I wish I had met Nitin before I made the many marketing mistakes, which have cost me thousands of dollars. Nitin’s formula for a successful practice would work no matter what specialty services you offer. I highly recommend new owners and seasoned owners to attend one of his seminars.”
Brenda Ranagan PT
“Extremely valuable, a lot of great information, excellent ideas for new practice owners to really position yourself as an expert in your community. I can’t say enough good things about Nitin’s events.”
Tobin Forbus PT
“I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. The speakers and participants added a whole new dimension to the weekend.I have realized my vision and my TOP 3, now it’s time to go for it!”
Eileen Kurtz PT
“Phenomenal! I have been in practice for 19 years, 10 of them in private practice and there is nothing else like this out there. This has by far, the best seminar I’ve ever been to.”
Jane Nicoli PT

Truth be told, you might do even better, depending on how diligently you implement my step-by-step plan.

In fact I’ve consistently helped many of my mastermind clients boost revenue, and several of them are now generating over $100,000 a month (six figures) in income.

While these results are not typical, I can assure you, with total confidence, that if you take everything you learn and apply it, you will become a more efficient business owner.

So if you like what you are hearing, your next question is…

What’s the Investment to Attend
The GAMECHANGING Event of the Year?

First off, you should know that just to join my private practice mastermind program (which is closed at the moment), you’d have to pay as much as $30,000.

But it’s not going to cost you anywhere near $30,000.00 to attend the 2015 Summit.

In fact it’s not going to even cost you half that. I want to make this affordable for anyone who is serious about learning real world physical therapy marketing systems, strategies and techniques for getting patients and referrals.

So here’s how I’ve decided to price the workshop…

You can make three monthly payments of $197 or you can make one payment of $497 – the choice is yours.

The fact is – You’ll recover that if you get one or two new patients from the strategies you learn.

It gets even better – for a limited time, You can bring a guest for an additional $197 and you can bring up to three guests!

Now, the choice is yours. Remember that space for this workshop is VERY limited because I’m only allowing (a maximum of) one hundred attendees to ensure that you have enough time to interact with the other attendees.

And to help you remove all doubt about the effectiveness of these strategies, techniques, systems I’m backing this entire thing with my 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

I’m Ready to Claim My Seat at
the 2015 Private Practice Summit…

Registration is simple… just click the button below. Once you register I’ll email you with all the particulars like the event hotel location, schedule for the day and other need-to-know details.

But WAIT…that’s not all…I have some BONUSES for you.


This is the Mother Of All Bonuses! Get Online Access to Private Practice Summit 2014. You Can’t Buy This Footage Anywhere! $2,000 VALUE

You’d have paid $2,000 to attend the Private Practice Summit 2014, including the cost of airfare and hotel. But as a special bonus, you’ll get access to the unedited footage of the 2014 Summit when you register today. This means you can go through the same content and footage that has helped hundreds of our attendees achieve their financial goals..

You get over TEN hours of unedited video content including actual blueprints, secrets, tactics, systems and strategies to grow your practice including:

  • How to grow your patient case load even in an uncertain economy or amidst competition from POPS and corporate clinics
  • How to promote your services professionally and precisely, without looking desperate, hungry, or like a “car salesman” (prepare to be SHOCKED when I reveal how EASY this is).
  • How to attract “Grade-A” patients who want, need, and will pay for your high quality care.
  • How to get lists of potential patients (yes, ACTUAL mailing lists of names, physical addresses and phone numbers of prospective patients, right down to the ZIP CODE) and create a direct mail postcard campaign that gives you positive ROI from the first mailing – no testing, tweaking, time wasting (Imagine what this can do for your practice).
  • How to scientifically develop an annual marketing budget, track expenses and measure return on investment
  • Do’s and Dont’s of hiring a marketing / practice rep; defining their role and criteria to find the BEST ones (Hint: did you know credentials DON’T matter?).
  • How to overcome “referral resistance” from doctors by following three easy steps.
  • How to create strategic alliances (with the right people and businesses) that automatically bring new patients to your door.
  • How to easily overcome the four most common objections from doctors who are not referring.
  • How to get local businesses to endorse you to their clients.
  • How to ethically “put a fence” around your patients and referral sources so you don’t lose them to your bigger competitors
  • How to “get in the good books” of the gatekeepers, who will open all sorts of doors for you (this strategy ALONE will pay for the cost of the entire weekend)
  • Do’s and Dont’s of hosting patient appreciation days and educational seminars


BONUS Presentation: The Private Practice
Prosperity Equation = Income Diversification + Free Time

Every single time a patient comes in to your clinic, there is an opportunity to provide an additional, value-added service to the patient. With declining reimbursements, it is even more critical to diversify your practice and increase lifetime value of a patient in the process.


This ‘prosperity equation’ allows you to diversify your income AND have more free time to run your practice. Here’s how it works.

It’s important to ask the question “What else can I offer this patient?” and organize the resources (people) and the systems (blueprints) to provide that service.

For example, massage therapy is a logical extension of physical therapy in the patient’s mind. Why not, during discharge, ask patients “Would you like a free massage with our in-house massage therapist, and if you like it, you’ll pay a fee for subsequent massages?”

In this bonus presentation, you will discover exactly how to ‘ascend’ patients into progressive services designed to help them AND increase revenue in your practice.

Top Secret BONUS #3

Although I can’t reveal what this is right now, you can be assured that this is the game changer for your practice. I’ll reveal this soon, but it’s going to be something that, by itself, will be worth the investment in the event.

And even that’s not all…. at the 2015 Private Practice Summit …One attendee will be named the…

Private Practice Owner of the Year


Imagine the BOOST this coveted award could give your private practice.

With this award prominently displayed in your clinic, expect to gain credibility and expert status with patients and physicians in your community.

That’s not all. TO help you get the most impact from this award we’ll have our editorial team write a professional press release (this would normally cost you $300). Once you approve it, we will submit the press release on your behalf using our premium account with PRWeb, the world’s #1 online press release distribution service (they charge $369 for their premium ‘advanced features plus’ press release – look it up on their website). Your press release will go to premier news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today and more, through the Associated Press. You can include video, attachments, images and links to engage your community and encourage people to share your story.

Share this release with your patients and on your website, letting the entire world know that you earned the “Private Practice Owner of The Year” award.

Instructions and the application on how to enter and WIN will be provided when you register for the 2015 Private Practice Summit.

Do You Want the EZ, 3 Payment Option?
Do You Want To Bring Any Guests?


WHEN   May 15, 16, 17, 2015
WHERE   Renaissance Meadowlands Hotel,
801 Rutherford Avenue,
Rutherford, New Jersey 07070 USA
HOW LONG   9 am to 5 pm EST on Friday, Saturday.
End at 3 pm EST on Sunday.

TODAY is the Day. Mark Your Calendar. Secure Your Spot.
Join the 30 Man Mission on May 15, 16 and 17.

Remember, there’s no risk on your part because I’m backing this entire workshop with my iron-clad clause “Double your practice or better” money back guarantee.

So make sure to secure your spot at the 2015 summit because space is VERY limited and the last thing you want to do is to miss out.

This event is intended for action takers and the go-getters and the resourceful practice owners who are willing to work hard and make a difference.

That’s it.

This is limited to 30 primary attendees and this letter will be seen by at least 10,000 private practice owners on our mailing list.

Are you in or are you out?

Please take full advantage of this opportunity. Share it with your staff and have them join you.

I look forward to personally meeting you and helping you take your private practice to the next level.

“I am a physical therapist and own 3 physical therapy centers. As a speaker, I got even more excited with Nitin and the people he brought together. I need to go back and do more things. Overall, Nitin can help bring our practice to the next level.. Good job Nitin!”
- David Cunic PT, DMC Rehab

“I am basically sick and tired of working for someone else. I feel like attending this course is the best thing I did in my life, because I have no hesitation to step ahead and open my one clinic”
- Suresh Balesekar PT

“I just attended Nitin’s event and am incredibly excited about everything I learned, so excited that I am considering hiring a new employee.”
- Khurram Khan PT

“Having been in practice for 20 years, I now know that working with Nitin will help me grow my practice in the future”
- John Krupa PT

“I attended Nitin’s workshop on web based marketing – a real eye opener for me because we don’t do a lot of that in my clinic. We are still using the yellow pages. I walked away with a lot of great ideas that I can implement soon. I think he can help my practice a lot. I would recommend highly that you go to one of his seminars.”
- Domenic Visocchi PT, Precision Physical Therapy

“I was lucky to have attended Nitin’s talk and it was amazing.. he has such an amazing ability to think outside of the box and bring a different level to addressing normal business practices and applying it to physical therapy and that’s something that many people are not doing currently. I was very lucky to get a chance to sit and talk to him.. Anytime you get a chance to learn from this guy or rub elbows with him, you would be very very lucky to be able to do so.”
- Linial Michelle PT, Hurtel and Brown Physical Therapy

“Nitin’s workshop on cash based niche programs was phenomenal, it got me hyped up. I recommended it to my general manager who had also attended one of his workshops and she was very excited about it too. I highly recommend anything that Nitin has to offer – wonderful ideas for your business.”
- Brett Dalton PT, Maryville, Tennessee

“I learnt a lot of new things from Nitin’s online/offline marketing workshop – social networking and blogs, I am looking forward to what it can do for my business, community and patients.I was very impressed with him as a speaker and what he had to offer for the clinical community.”
- Peggy Brill PT, OCS Brill Physical Therapy

“I was so invigorated by Nitin, He took the whole fear factor out of marketing for me. He is an excellent presenter. He keeps you awake every minute and I highly highly recommend it.”
- Carol Estherheist, PT

“My name is Tanya Yardley and I am CEO of Rehabilitation motion here in Canada. I just attended Nitin’s workshop and found it extremely helpful, very engaging, hilariously fun and I look forward to implementing the techniques he taught us.”
- Tanya Yardley CEO Rehabilitation Motion, Canada

Hi, my name is Andrew Clark from SportsPro Physical Therapy. I highly recommend Nitin’s workshop. It was very informative, gave me a lot of great ideas that I am going to take home and implement right away. You need to go ahead and get into that workshop!”
- Andrew Clark, PT SportsPro Physical Therapy

“Great information, Nitin and his team took care of everything… Things we can apply tomorrow!”
- Karen Rafferty, Village Physical Therapy

“I got ways of bringing more revenue into my practice, and some things I can implement within a week. This will generate more revenue and help us relieve stress. This gives me hope that this is not unreachable, it’s something we can definitely achieve”
- Russ Poker, Fit For Life Physical Therapy

“Excellent ways, excellent marketing and strategic stuff that you can take home with you and put in on Monday morning”
- Siang Ting Oh PT

“24 years of going to physical therapy conferences and this is by far, the best money I’ve ever spent in my career. It was excellent. Nitin totally overdelivers. I am just really, really, really happy that I came. And I’m coming back.”
- Tammy Koch PT

“I came to the conference this weekend for some very specific things to fill some leaks in my practice and I’ve actually gotten several things that will help close leaks in my practice and will be able to impact my bottom line very quickly.”
- Blayne Liparoto PT

“I’ve learned so much that prepared me to get ready so that when I open from day one. I learned a lot and this is definitely, money well spent and you do not want to miss this.
- Guy Romain PT

“Very extraordinarily interactive. People were completely engaged, learning all the time. And it was really a value creation, content-rich event. A phenomenal place to be.”
- Garrett Gunderson

“I had an awesome weekend. It was brilliant. I’m on fire. I look forward to going back home, back to my practice tomorrow and igniting everything that I learned. This was fantastic.”
- Nita Bhatt PT

“I’ve come away from this weekend with a wealth of knowledge. My head is spinning with all the new ideas I can go in and implement into my practice tomorrow to make a change. ”
- Andrew Verston

“The responses that I’m seeing from the physical therapists here in the meeting are incredible. This has been a very powerful meeting even for someone like me, who’s been in the industry for over 20 years.”
- Jason Keel

“A lot about specific strategies to market your practice and retain patients. Would recommend it for anybody. For the price that he charges for this conference, you get a lot of great information that you’ll actually be able to utilize.”
- TJ Ablan PT

“Awesome content. Nitin came through and provided content that exceeded the price of the event. He’s a great trainer and coach, very motivational. Well worth the money and the time.”
- Mark Costas DDS

“Exceeded my expectation. Highly recommend that you look into this if you’re a private practice owner who’s looking to grow your clinic. I think this is one of the best courses that you can take.”
- Jerry Lopez PT

“Nitin puts together an awesome event filled with useful info that can benefit my practice right away. In fact, I already put 2 new ideas in motion this morning, less than 24hrs later!”
- Daniel Tahany PT

“I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. The speakers and participants added a whole new dimension to the weekend.I have realized my vision and my TOP 3, now it’s time to go for it!”
- Eileen Kurtz PT

“Extremely valuable, a lot of great information, excellent ideas for new practice owners to really position yourself as an expert in your community. I can’t say enough good things about Nitin’s events.”
- Tobin Forbus PT

“I just want to say that it has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to any clinician that owns their own practice. I have taken away so many tools that I’ll be able to use in my clinic.”
- Rhonda Russ PT

“I’m coming away this weekend with a lot of tools that I can immediately implement when we get back to our clinic, and a lot of areas that we need to focus on and work on. This has been a wonderful asset to us this weekend.”
- Carrie Jorgensen PT

“The conference was phenomenal! It was well organized with lots of fresh, out of the box ideas and pragmatic solutions. It was back to back with outstanding speakers. If the end justifies the means, I left your event, renewed, refreshed, and anxious to get on track with my company growth objectives, using my newly won IPAD to stay connected with prospects, and patients. Overall, it was brilliant, techy and refreshing.”
- Ibrahima Diallo PT

“Nitin, I thank God for people like you for sharing unselfishly of your knowledge! I am just fortunate enough to attend this weekend’s brain stimulating event! I have spoken so highly of you and the other speakers to my husband and to all my colleagues! I cannot wait to implement all that I have learned! I will definitely sign up again (that’s on Oct, right?!) and will be bringing some of my PT friends along too! I hopefully would like to be part of the mastermind group by then! It was my pleasure and honor to meet you…Thank you very much!!!”
- Ma Alicia Sidletskyy PT

“I really enjoyed the event this past weekend. I got alot out of it and plan to implement it as I start my practice. It was nice to meet you. I plan to see you again in the future. I agree 100% with you on resuming the reading habit.”
- Travis Lombardi PT

“Thank you for these 2 fabulous days which I enjoyed them so much, I couldn’t imagine that will be that much succesful therapist under one roof sharing their experience and show you the right way to reach your goals. Thanks a million. And I appreciate if you can carry these thanks to everybody we met at this event. I enjoyed every bit of it, It gave me a lot of experience and opened my eyes to many ideas I’m planning to implement it on my practice right away.”
- Mohamed Sanad PT

“Thanks for an outstanding conference. It is obvious the amount of time and preparation that it took to produce such a wonderful program. I so appreciate all that you and your business does!”
- Jan W. Braunstein, PT, CFE, CWCP

“I enjoyed the course to the fullest. You did a great job as a speaker. You truly deserve this testimonial. Nitin’s Private practice formula is an informative event not only for physical therapists who own their practices but also for a physical therapist like me who dreams of owning their practice in the near future. Nitin and his fellow speakers gave me a great insight in new marketing strategies both on-line and offline. I learned tons of interesting business building ideas that can be instantly implemented. Every speaker was awesome and some unique knowledge to share. Thanks Nitin for giving me such an enriching learning experience. Keep up the good work guys.”
- Mangesh Borkar PT

“Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT is very knowledgable and charismatic. I attended the conference in Rutherford NJ last weekend at the Marriott. I traveled a 10 hour drive from NC. It was worth the trip! The 2 days were packed with useful information and was inspiring! I opened my mind to new prospects. To be around successful like minded people was extremely encouraging to me. I wish I had met Nitin before I made the many marketing mistakes which has cost me thousands of dollars. Nitin’s formula for a successful practice would work no matter what speciality services you offer. I highly recommend new owners and seasoned owners to attend one of his seminars.”
- Brenda Ranagan PT, DPT

“I attended Nitin’s Private Practice Formula conference this past weekend. Being a Physical Therapist for over 25 years, it’s hard to find a quality program in which you can directly take the information and start applying it. I enjoyed all of the speakers and the “out of the box mentality”. It was refreshing to meet and talk to other private practice owners and share experiences and ideas on that level. I would highly recommend this program for young private practice owners as well as experienced owners.”
- Michael DeChello MS, PT

“I have utilized Nitin’s knowledge regarding all aspects of our business. I can say that if you are willing to put in the time and listen to his plan, you will have success. I have received personal phone calls regarding all aspects of our business, which exceeded my expectations… he is committed to your success. I have learned the hard way to stop swimming up stream and delegate tasks. If you want results, you need to stop paying $20,000 or more for services that can be and should be under your control. The ROI for his programs for our clinic has been off the charts!! I would not want the competition to have this plan, but Nitin is improving the business side of our profession which I commend. Thanks!”
- Jeremiah Jorgensen PT, PTLincoln

“You openly shared your scars, triumphs, and secrets from your journey. It was obvious that you and your successful colleagues are collaborating to spread the wealth and grow a stronger profession. I left energized with many practical ideas that I can implement without overwhelming myself or my staff. Let’s help more people with P.T. and earn the rewards of great service.”
- Brian Cox DC PT

“How Nitin managed to organize such a high-end program at such an affordable price is a mystery. By the end of the program, I had so many methods, great ideas, new business opportunities and friends it felt like I had taken advantage of Nitin. Whether you own your own practice, dream to own a practice someday or just want to offer your patients an improved experience, he has information you need. If you have the opportunity to get one of Nitin’s products, do not hesitate. You will only regret not signing up.”
- Andrea Jameson PT

“The Practice Summit this weekend by far met the expectations that I had. Nitin, collectively with his guest speakers, were downright pragmatic, inspirational, and comical. We must rely not so heavily on insurance, and incorporate publicly sought out programs that are cash based. I intend to attend next year and would be willing to endorse Practice Summit to anyone who has the slightest inclination to transform their company – their life. The Practice Summit this weekend by far exceeded the expectations that I had.”
– Dr. Ivan Hernandez PT, DPT, Executive Park Physical Therapy, New York

“Hi Nitin You did it again! The Private Practice Retreat exceeded my expectations. How you improved something that was already so awesome is an inspiration and a lesson. Regardless of how great you may think your practice is there is always room for improvement. Through the giving hand philosophy you promote I shared and received some great resources – so refreshing not to be in a strangling competitive environment prevalent in these difficult times. I brought a colleague who owns a private practice in a neighboring town, she was blown away. Thank you to the entire staff of PP Summit for making the weekend even better by addressing all of our needs. ”
- Sincerely, Karen A.Rafferty PT, Village Physical Therapy & Wellness, PC, New York

“Nitin, I shared a video testimonial, but will send a written one as well. Here goes… Just when you begin to think you are getting this “out of the box thinking thing”, I’d like to invite you to meet Nitin… I just had the amazing opportunity to spend 3 jam packed days with Nitin and his stellar team at the Private Practice Retreat. I’ve been watching/reading his stuff for 2 years now and decided to take the plunge and be an active participant in his conference. One word best describes this life altering experience, “AMAZING…” The tools, contacts and material that I left with will completely transform how I run my successful PT practice. I feel blessed to have had this truly wonderful experience and look forward to many years of continued growth and development with Nitin and his team.”
- Elizabeth Pearl PT, President/Owner, Pearl Physical Therapy, New York

“Hello Nitin, Here is my some cents worth testimonial: I am very grateful to you for organizing “Private Practice Retreat 2012?. “Private Practice Retreat 2012? event was an eye opener for me. In past, I have not met a rehabilitation professional so willing to help other rehabilitation professionals succeed. Your efforts were sincere and outpouring with NO NONSENSE strategies related to marketing and running a successful physical therapy practice. Expert panel presented during the summit was very knowledgeable and willing to share their experience. I was delighted to observe that no one was holding anything back and was eager to share their experience and help others find solutions. Finally, I would like to commend you for your expertise and coming up with marketing strategies for physical therapists in a concrete effective package, which if implemented correctly, can help me and other attendees to see our practice grow exponentially. Thank you for offering me such a great experience. I look forward to next year event.”
- Surinder Singh PT, CEO, Michigan Rehab Services, Americare Home Health Services

“Hi Nitin, Thanks for hosting a great weekend of inspiring speakers with a ton of great information. I am a new practice owner and for the past year I have felt lost and intimidated by the competition. I was doing everything wrong, trying one marketing strategy after another. After attending your Private Practice Retreat I finally feel like I can take control over my referrals. You covered everything and didn’t hold back. Also, you hosted a first class event and didn’t spare a penny. This course was a steal. Thanks again.”
- Sam Putrino PT, DPT, Total Orthopedics, Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, Las Vegas

“Nitin, My brother and I thoroughly enjoyed the course material you and your staff prepared for this weekend. It was extremely helpful for us to have the opportunity to learn about the tactics of successful marketing for private physical therapy practice. It was awesome to see you conduct the seminar and I’m excited to now include you in our networking circle. Thank you.”
- Greg Zaccone PT, Spectrum Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, Las Vegas

“The Private Practice Retreat accomplished exactly what I had hoped it would. It has re-energized me to move my physical therapy practice forward in a positive direction. It has helped me to understand both the strengths and the weaknesses of my practice and what I can and should do to correct those weaknesses. There are so many ideas that were presented that I plan on implementing as soon as possible. Thanks to Nitin and all his presenters for giving hope that I can really work on my business and not in my business moving forward. Thanks a lot.”
- Khurram Khan PT, Crescent Physical Therapy P.C., New York

“Hi Nitin, I really want to thank you for putting together the Summit! I came into the weekend with very low expectations and left with more valuable information than I can handle! I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. Not only were the speakers great but the other participants were so open and willing to share that it added another whole dimension to the weekend. I have realized my vision and my TOP 3, now it’s time to go for it! I will definitely be back next year and hope to begin Referral Ignition, Therapy Newsletter, and become a member of the Masterminds in the near future. (I almost don’t want too many people knowing how valuable this Summit was, I want to keep it all to ourselves!)”
- Eileen Kurtz PT, Children’s Therapy Source/Somerset Family PT, Las Vegas

“After looking at Nitins’ mug on emails for like 2 years, I finally got off my butt, took action and attended the Private Practice Seminar 2011. Best idea I had all year. Pretty much every concept that Nitin shared was Marketing GOLD!!! The 35 templates for generating new patients were worth the entire seminar cost alone. Mind you, this was just ONE of the many modules presented. There were raffles and prizes, a Tasty HOT lunch both days. And, every speaker that got on stage was simply inspired!! A free functional assessment seminar on Friday was just icing(free CEUs, people). Right now, I’m just wrapping my mind around the wealth of information presented, dare I say it was too much No, I dare not. However I can truly say that it was an exceptional value and money truly well spent. Thanks so much Nitin- YOU EXCEEDED my expectations!!!”
- Dr. Dmitry Lang PT, New York

“The Private Practice Retreat 2012 was absolutely phenomenal! I have been in practice for 19 years, 10 of them in private practice and there is nothing else like this out there. There were no ‘vague’ ideas of what you need to do with no mention of how to implement, everything was specific, and detailed… nothing was held back by any of the presenters. You could feel the ‘buzz’ in the room. It will be difficult only to pick the top 3 things to get started on. If you own a private practice or are thinking of becoming an owner, this is a ‘must go to’ seminar!
- Jane Nicoli PT, Lakeside Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, West Virginia

“OK. I have a problem with the Nitin’s summit. There was way too much information. I have some much to work with, so many new ideas I do not know where to begin. I know that when I implement any of the techniques and ideas that I received this weekend, it will have a huge impact on my practice and my bottom line. It was by far the best marketing conference I have ever been to, and I have been to many. Thanks again Nitin.”
- Dean Tahtinen PT, First Choice Physical Therapy Michigan

“Nitin, Thanks so much for putting together the Private Practice Retreat. It was so informative and inspiring. It was great to meet and talk with others that are looking to bring their practices to the next level. I’ll see you at the next one!”
- Bob Fleming PT, Fleming Physical Therapy Consultants PC, New York

“Hi Nitin, It was a great seminar, learned and earned more than I expected. Before, I thought my workplace was the worst but after listening from all staffing and marketing trouble shooting tools from the speaker and from the delegates, I realized that most people were having same problems and everybody were doing the same mistakes. But NOT anymore..!!Now I know what I have to do and how to single out in my local community, how to bring new patients in and most importantly, how to make life easier and spending more time with friends and family. I see you next year.”
- Manan Shah PT, New York

“Nitin puts together an awesome event filled with useful info that can benefit my practice right away. In fact, I already put 2 new ideas in motion this morning, less than 24hrs later!”
- Daniel P.Tahany PT, CSCS, Director, City Physical Therapy, PC ,New York

“The seminar was a mind blowing experience. If anyone considering opening up your own practice, this is the only seminar that will guide you step by step.”
- Richard Serrano PT, Rockland Recovery Physical Therapy, PLLC, New York

“Hi Nitin, I loved the conference. So much excellent information and so useful. I look forward to using it. The conference was well designed, loved all the speakers you chose. Very inspirational.”
- Shelley Alper PT, Montreal, Canada

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The state of the economy is NOT the biggest factor in your success. It’s YOU and your attitude and desire to learn the new rules of running your clinic as an owner. If you’re the type that runs away from challenges…the type that’s ready to cower in fear, bury your head in the sand, ignore the abundance of NEW opportunities available for smart private practice owners to create a successful practice, then I am afraid this is NOT for you…

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